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The factor that motivates courts to depart from the normal adjudicatory rules is the concern with the “chilling;” deterrent effect of the overbroad statute on third parties not courageous enough to bring suit. The Court assumes that an overbroad law’s “very existence may cause others not before the court to refrain from constitutionally protected speech or expression.” An overbreadth ruling is designed to remove that deterrent effect on the speech of those third parties. X x x any attack on the validity of Section 14 of the RH Law is premature, as the Department of Education, Culture and Sports have yet to formulate any curriculum on age-appropriate reproductive health education. At this point, one can only speculate contents, manner and medium of instruction that would be used to educate the adolescents and whether would contradict the religious beliefs of petitioners, and validate their apprehensions. The Court dismissed the petition in Philippine Press Institute v. Commission on Elections for failure to cite any specific affirmative action of the Commission on Elections to implement the assailed resolution. It refused, in Abbas v. Commission on Elections, to rule on the religious freedom claim of the therein petitioners based merely on a perceived potential conflict between the provisions of the Muslim Code and those of the national law, there being no actual controversy between real litigants. The law breaks the deadlock when there is disagreement between the spouses as to whether to avail of a reproductive health technology.22 The ponencia proposes that this violates the right to family.23 This is one conclusion.
Much of the debates, however, centered on the meaning of the phrase “from the moment of conception.” It is clear from the deliberations that the intended meaning of the phrase “from the moment of conception” was fertilization or the moment the egg is fertilized by the sperm. 66 Ang kahulugan ng reproductive health ay “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its fanctions and processes.” The grounds enumerated above are deemed to include cases which have resulted from culpable negligence of the parent or the person exercising parental authority. Xx x ge and development appropriate RH education is mandatory in formal and non-formal educational system without distinction whether they are public or private, where adolescents are enrolled. Clearly, private schools are not exempt from affording their adolescent pupils/students proper and appropriate RH education.

This is especially true in this case because the expanded powers of the Court was granted to it to prevent a repeat of the bitter experiences during martial law years when rampant human rights violations occurred. Verily, the expanded powers were conferred on this Court at a great price and were given for a clear purpose. Here, a more basic right-the right to life of the unborn- is at stake; the right from which all human rights emanate. The law, in sections 17 and 23 allow accommodation for full care of the patient by requiring referral.

Duterte needs to realize that he gains nothing in attacking religion

They produce medical journals which tend to support their justification and ask this court to accept them as gospel truth. On the other hand, respondents also show journals that support their claims. We can infer from the existence of differing opinions on this issue that reproduction involves a complex process. Each part of this process provides a viable avenue for contention on the issue of life. The court cannot declare that life begins at fertilization on the basis of a limited set of sources that may not constitute the consensus among the scientific community. Third, a generalized statement that life begins at fertilization of the ovum misunderstands the present science relating to the reproduction process. Then, there was the claim that the instances when there had to be a choice made between the life of the mother and the life of the zygote, fetus or child were few. In response, Mr. Villegas dismissed the concerns and declared that the issue of the beginning of life is already settled.

A law that mandates informed choice and proper access for reproductive health technologies should not be presumed to be a threat to the right to life. It is an affirmative guarantee to assure the protection of human rights. However, if the FDA determines that the drug or device is abortifacient then as a rule, the DOH may not validly procure, much less distribute, them. Consistent with the primacy of life under Section 12, Article II of the 1987 Constitution and the RH law’s provisions prohibiting abortion and the distribution of abortifacients, the government cannot procure and distribute these abortifacients. By this, I refer to the definition of an abortifacient under the RH law, i.e., without qualification on whether the nature of its action (to induce abortion, or the destruction of a fetus inside the mother’s womb or the prevention of the fertilized ovum to reach and be implanted in the mother’s womb) is primary or secondary. I submit that the religious roots of a principle adopted by the Constitution, is not a valid ground to ignore the principle altogether. While some parts of the Constitution were of foreign origin, some parts – including the entire text of Section 12, Article II – were uniquely Filipino, intended to be reflective of our own Filipino culture and tradition. I particularly refer to the primacy of life in our hierarchy of values. Not surprisingly, the public respondents do not dispute this principle of double effect and even allowed abortifacient to be used only for the purpose of equally safeguarding the life of the mother. The representatives of the people themselves recognized the primacy of life and the principle of doubie effect in Section 12, Article II when it gave a broad definition of an abortifacient to extend the protection to life to the fertilized ovum .

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Thus, the decision-making process on undergoing reproductive health procedures by one spouse requires the consent of both spouses but, in case of disagreement, the courts will decide. The father and the mother shall jointly exercise parental authority over the persons of their common children. In case of disagreement, the father’s decision shall prevail, unless there is a judicial order to the contrary. Taken together, these constitutional provisions are intended to, among others, prohibit the State from adopting measures which impair the solidarity of the Filipino family.57 In particular, Section 3 explicitly guarantees the right of the spouses to found a family in accordance with their religious convictions and the demands of responsible parenthood. This necessarily refers to, among others, the number of children that the spouses will bring into this world. The ponencia ruled that the aforesaid provision contravenes Article XV, Section 3 of the Constitution and the constitutional right to privacy of the spouses relative to the decision-making process on whether one spouse should undergo a reproductive health procedure like tubal ligation and vasectomy.
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Moreover, the State guarantees under Section 2 of the RH Law the right of every woman to consider all available reproductive health options when making her decision. This implies that she has the right to seek advice from anyone she trusts. Consequently, if a woman wanting to space her pregnancy seeks the advice of a Catholic physician she trusts, the latter should not be sent to jail for expressing his belief that taking oral pills or using copper IUDs Qan cause abortion that her faith prohibits. Religious conscience is precisely a part of the consideration for free choice in family planning. It recognizes the constitutional right of the conscientious objector not to provide artificial contraceptives that he believes would kill the unborn after it has been conceived. For instance, the Catholic religion might consider it a sin similar to murder to implant a copper IUD into a woman since it would kill the unborn by preventing it from attaching to a womb atrophied by poison from the IUD. The RH law respects the Catholic doctor’s right to refuse to do what his faith regards as murder.

However, the conditions which trigger the partial loss of parental authority under the RH Law are unreasonable and insufficient to justify the restriction of parental authority imposed by the said law. Consequently, the promotion of reproductive health development includes, among others, access to a full range of modern methods of family planning which includes medically-safe and effective contraceptives even to the poor. Moreover, the WHO regularly publisher a monograph entitled Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use to further ensure the general safety and efficacy of modern artificial contraceptives. This monograph “aims to provide guidance to national family planning/reproductive health programs in the preparation of guidelines for service delivery of contraceptives.” Notwithstanding the premise that maternal deaths have substantially decreased during the last two decades, it cannot be seriously doubted that the State has a compelling interest to protect its citizen’s right to health and life.

  • Thus, the universal access policy should be read as qualified by the regulated framework under Republic Act No. 4729 rather than as impliedly repealing the said law.
  • The FDA shall first determine and certify the safety, efficacy, and classification of products and supplies for modern family planning methods prior to their procurement distribution sale and use.
  • Maternal Death Review and Fetal and Infant Death Review.
  • X x x in resolving claims involving religious freedom benevolent neutrality or accommodation, whether mandatory or permissive, is the spirit, intent and framework underlying the religion clauses in our Constitution; and in deciding a plea of exemption based on the Free Exercise Clause ….

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This is especially true in the case of the minor who faces the early prospect of raising a child or children. From the point of view of the health care service provider, the first phase involves the transmission of information. Petitioners claim that this act of giving complete and correct information, including information on artificial contraceptives, imposes a burden on a conscientious objector, like a Catholic doctor, because he or she is required to give information on artificial contraceptives which he or she believes to be immoral or wrong. Contrary to the interpretation of petitioners, Section 9 does not automatically mandate the inclusion of hormonal contraceptives, intrauterine devices, injectables and other safe, legal, non-abortifacient and effective family planning products and supplies in the National Drug Formulary and Essential Drugs List. This provision should be read in relation to Section 4 of the RH Law which requires the FDA to first determine whether the subject contraceptives are non-abortifacients, among other standards (e.g., safe, effective). The law should be construed in such a way as to avoid a declaration of unconstitutionality.
Article 1531 - notes in all subjects that can give you ideas to it read it and understand it.i
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Section 23 , a content-based regulation, is heavily burdened by a presumption of unconstitutionality. Placed under the test of strict scrutiny,61 the Government miserably failed to advance a compelling reason that would overcome the presumption of the RH Law’s invalidity. The Government simply invokes the universal access policy but such policy may be advanced without unnecessarily curtailing the right of the doctors or health care service providers to speak their minds freely, and not what the Government commands. In particular, doctors or health care service providers could have been allowed to express their considered professional opinion with the requirement to disclose the fact that their opinion differs from the Government’s stand or policy in order to ensure a free and well-informed decision on the matter. Moreover, the overly broad and vague language of Section 23 primarily contributes to the negative chilling impact of that provision on even the health care service provider’s “speech as a professional.” However, the “conduct” penalized under Section 23 is essentially the act of not speakipg or speaking against the Government’s RH Law message, particularly abput artificial methods of family planning. What the law punishes, therefore, is the assertion by the doctor or health care service provider of his or her freedom of the mind as a professional. It places conscientious objectors in an unconscionable dilemma – either to violate the law or to violate their faith.

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This prompted former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew to admit in a 2011 speech that “At these low birth rates we will rapidly age and shrink.” Likewise, the law cannot foreclose or predict the outcome of future scientific study on this matter. Together, Section 12, Article II, and the entire Article XV are the provisions relating to the family or “Family Provisions” of the Constitution. They form one of the common threads that runs through the instant petitions. Also, these Family Provisions purport to be the heart of the RH Law as they are among the declared policies of the law. Upon careful dissection in the pleadings of the parties, the oral arguments, and the deliberations of the members of the Court, that heart has been exposed as artificial and incapable of sustaining the RH Law’s Family Provisions.

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